The Hank Anderson-Bill Thorpe-Yonni Chapman Breakfast Club was founded in 1976 by the late Hank Anderson, the first African American Department Head for the Town of Chapel Hill. Hank began hosting a Saturday morning breakfast meeting at Mama Dip’s Restaurant with African American and social justice community leaders. They discussed problems and political strategies to help disenfranchised people. In the early 1990s. The Breakfast Club reconstituted the Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP Branch and Town Council member Bill Thorpe began the tradition of Breakfast Club Endorsements to aid voters who wanted to vote for candidates who would consistently advocate for social justice.



"Buansi, 30, is a civil rights attorney who was raised in Chapel Hill. He also served as the legal redress chair for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP and policy and field director for current North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein’s campaign." CHALT endorsement






The Orange County Training School (OCTS) and Lincoln High-Northside Alumni Association is dedicated to preserving the rich history of OCTS and Lincoln High School and the reunion that was established in 1973. OCTS opened in 1916 at the future site of Lincoln High School, which was the segregated school for African Americans in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Lincoln High School closed in 1966. The Alumni Association is proud to give its first ever endorsement to Allen Buansi.







"Allen has been working on environmental justice issues across his personal life and career since a young age, including work for clean air, clean water, and farm animal issues in eastern North Carolina. Locally, he has done similar work around the landfill and other environmental issues affecting the historically black Rogers Road community in Chapel Hill. He is also a member of the Healthy Environment for All Community Advisory Council organized by the Southern Environmental Law Center. Allen holds positive positions around climate change issues, local composting initiatives, better transit service and bike amenities, and concentrating growth in appropriate areas. We believe Allen would bring a much-needed voice for environmental justice issues to the council, and his professional background in litigation around these issues gives him a depth of understanding we could very much use, particularly as Chapel Hill faces issues such as remediating the coal ash dump sitting under the current police station." Sierra Club endorsement


Personal Endorsements:

James Barrett, Chapel Hill Carrboro City School Board of Education, Chair
Jamezetta Bedford
Fred Black, Senior Vice President of Black Star Strategies, Inc and Management Consultant
Jack Boger, former UNC Law School Dean
Ken Broun, former Chapel Hill Mayor and former UNC Law School Dean
Jane Brown, James L. Knight Professor, Fellow Emerita, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Media and Journalism
Minister Robert Campbell, President of Rogers-Eubanks Neighborhood Association and former President of Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP
Moses Carey, former Orange County Commissioner
Ernest Craige, former Teacher in Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools
Tito Craige, former High School Teacher
Mark Dorosin, Orange County Commissioner, Chair
Laurin Easthom, former Chapel Hill Town Council Member
Kevin Foy, former Chapel Hill Mayor
Barbara Foushee
Braxton Foushee
Herman Foushee, President of Anderson-Thorpe-Whitlock Breakfast Club
Adam Goldstein, Professor, Department of Family Medicine
Jessica Harris, High School Guidance Counselor
Dottie Holland, Boshamer Professor of Anthropology Emeritus
David Kirkman, retired Special Deputy Attorney General, NC Attorney General's Office
Howard Lee, former Chapel Hill Mayor, former North Carolina State Senator
Mark Marcoplos, Orange County Commissioner
James Merritt, former Chapel Hill Town Council Member
Gene Nichol, former UNC Law School Dean
Florence Peacock
James Peacock
Renee Price, Orange County Commissioner
James Protzman, former Chapel Hill Town Council Member
Debra Skinner, Senior Research Scientist Emerita at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
Adam Stein
Jane Stein
Edith Wiggins, former Chapel Hill Town Council Member
James Williams, former Public Defender for Orange and Chatham Counties