My vision for Chapel Hill is a community that is diverse and inclusive. Our Town’s reputation is built on these principles, and we have a lot work to do to make sure these principles are put into practice. I will always have an open door, and I will work tirelessly to make sure the Town Council responds to the needs of our community.

Make sure Chapel Hill works for everyone

  • One big challenge facing our Town has been the departure of our low-income and middle-income residents. They are leaving because of the high cost of living and the lack of affordable housing options.  

  • We need to reexamine our current codes and ordinances and implement best practices for creating viable housing options for lower-income families who want to live and work as members of the Chapel Hill community.

Create a future we can live with

  • Creating a community that is sustainable requires a focus on environmental, economic, and cultural issues. I believe Chapel Hill can lead America in each of these areas.

  • Sustainability starts with continuing to our Town’s commitment to providing beautiful and clean environment in which all residents can eat, work and play safely.  We must extend this commitment not just to all residents within our Town but also to the residents in the areas surrounding it.

  • Part of sustaining our Town includes responsible and smart development that serves the needs of all of our residents.

  • We must responsibly manage our Town’s financial resources, so our children and future generations of residents are not unnecessarily burdened.

  • We must engage our young people by encouraging, training and entrusting them with responsibilities such as public comment, research and committee assignments.

Ensure our Town’s decision-making process is transparent

  • Good governance involves residents being able to clearly see and hear the decision-making process of their Town government.

  • Transparency makes it easier for residents to inform their representatives’ decisions.

  • As a civil rights lawyer, my professional duties include critically examining the official and unofficial processes of various governing bodies and determining the extent to which that body operated openly.  I will work to make sure that all residents can access and participate in the decisions made by our Town government.